A downloadable game for Android

Balance the ball for as long as possible, and create an unbeatable high score!

Thanks to Yoelvan06 for developing the store.

If you are updating the game, uninstall the game and then download the update. If you are downloading the first time, install the APK and enjoy :)

Major update (22/12/21):

The biggest Balance Ball update, ever!

• Redefined store system - each item costs different, and the cost is deducted from your highscore

• Background music added

• New settings. Now you can change music volume

• New skin - Rock. It also comes with a special game theme

• Added animations and toast messages here and there

• Reduced apk size from 31mb to 25mb

AuthorSaadat Kitab
Tags2D, android, balance
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

This game can be installed for Android only. Download the APK and then install it.


balance-ball_saadat-games.apk 23 MB

Development log


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i can help you with store system on max2d


Send me your project folder

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